The Challenge

QAPITAL, a new banking app, wanted to generate buzz and appeal to the millennial consumer.

The Strategy

Our research showed that among all the savings goals on the Qapital app, the most coveted goal is saving up for a tattoo.

Qapital’s platform is built to help users attain their goals, getting a tattoo is no exception.

The Execution

We built that first ever TATTOOS FOR ALL SHOPPE, offering not only completely free real tattoos, but a multitude of tattoo options for people of all ages and levels of commitment.

NYC is home to some of the most well-known and beloved tattoo artists. Tattoos are no longer stigmatized like they used to be – almost 40% of millenials sport at least one tattoo. These artists come with their unique and defining styles and we helped QAPITAL offer guests, influencers and media a once in a lifetime chance receive a free tattoo from one of NYC’s most trendsetting artists.

For those not looking for a permanent tattoo, we offered temporary tattoos, Projection tattoos, free food truck samples, and a slew of other fun activities.



Permanent Tattoos


Food Truck Customers