The Challenge

OSCAR wanted to launch its health insurance offering in a new market – ORLANDO FLORIDA!

The Strategy

Our research showed that most consumers don’t even consider changing their health care provider until THE LAST 2 WEEKS the market is open.  Accordingly we wanted an always on and everywhere launch for Oscar that allowed for ultra personal connections with new consumers.

The Execution

We executed two unique experiential tactics from Dec 1st – Dec 15th in order to educate potential Oscar consumers. New sign ups and data capture were the dominant KPI’s.

Our first tactic was the DOSE OF HEALTHY BUS – a mobile unit chosen for its agility and the ability to target multiple neighborhoods throughout Orlando. Consumers were invited to learn about Oscar while jump starting their day by getting branded coffees and branded juice shots. As we transitioned to afternoon consumers could enjoy healthy popsicles curated by a local shop.

The second tactic was the FIRST AID GALLERY – a WHOLE BLOCK creative take over and gallery build. All Oscar plans include perks to help members save money on all kinds of out-of-pocket costs. During their open enrollment period, Oscar took the opportunity to give back to the community of Orlando, inviting guests to open a series of metal boxes mounted on a gallery wall. Inside of each box, the guest learned a health fact about something that aids them in a positive way, like “Yoga can aid your memory and brain power.” The guests then got a corresponding prize, including Oscar yoga mats, chocolate, gift cards, Juice Boxes, Bike Share Coupons and more!


First Aid Gallery

  • Our Oscar First Aid Gallery garnered 21,371 unique impressions.
  • On average, guests who entered the space stayed for over 9 minutes, indicating that consumers came in and interacted with the first aid kits, our brand ambassadors, and brokers.

Dose of Healthy Bus


Cups of Coffee & Water