The Challenge

OnePlus+ wanted to launch their 5G enabled 8T phone in a BIG way in partnership with TMobile.  With the Covid-19 Pandemic cancelling all in person events, we were challenged to create a digital launch event that would excite US consumers, create earned Media and BUZZ!

The Execution

We created the One Plus Go Farther scavenger hunt.   The program tasked fans with finding three real OnePlus pop-up stores hidden in remote locations in the U.S., signifying the extent of T-Mobile’s 5G coverage. The incentive for fans during the hunt, which ran Nov. 12-19, was winning prizes that include $5,000 in cash, new smartphones and earbuds.


The Strategy

OnePLus+ has never had a US retail presence.  We thought with everything closed this would be a perfect time to OPEN OnePlus+’ first ever retail stores….with a twist 😉




Logins or guesses per hour


Guesses per day


Users per minute

Most Successful Launch in OnePlus+ History!