The Challenge

Natty Light wanted a Social Program that would remind consumers about their continued commitment to the College Debt Crisis in America.

The Execution
We started a social campaign asking real college grads to RENT  their real college diplomas.  The campaign instantly went viral and we collected over 3,000 diplomas while earning 154 pieces of earned media for a total of 75,975,377 impressions!  We then took the actual diplomas and created a 50’ tall floating sculpture entitled the DaVinci of Debt. The sculpture, using 2,641 diplomas, multiplied by the average cost of a four year degree ($180,598.08) was valued at over $476,959,529.00…making it the most expensive piece of art in the World surpassing the previous record of $450,000,000 set at auction by Leonardo DaVinci!


The Strategy

What if Natty Light, a popular and affordable choice for college drinkers, could create the most expensive piece of art ever sold!?




Earned Media Impressions


Total PR Impressions


Total Social Media Impressions