The Challenge

As cold & flu season approached New York City, Mucinex looked to promote their newest product: Mucinex Nightshift.

The Execution

The activation relied heavily on our Brand Ambassadors that were split up in to two different stream teams.

Our tired-”zombie” brand ambassadors trudged along throughout our activation space holding clever signs advocating for their right to keep the symptoms that Mucinex Nightshift cures. Their costumes, make-up and exaggerated lethargic presence drew spectators in, giving the brand ambassadors a chance to playfully educate them about Mucinex Nightshift. Consumers walked away with free swag and brochures to commemorate their time at the activation!

The Zombie opposition, and ultimately winners of each debate, was our street team from the fake “Center for Population Sickness” or as we referred to it, CPS. Dressed in professional attire, these brand ambassadors greeted consumers upon entry into our space providing them with a wealth of knowledge regarding Mucinex Nightshift. At the CPS information station, consumers could view the Mucinex Nightshift product so they knew what to look for on the shelves at their local pharmacy or drugstore. Upon entry, attendees were also encouraged to snag some branded cold & flu essentials, including tissues, sleep masks, more.

The highlight of the activation was the entertaining and dramatic mock debate between the fictional heads of the CPS and the tired-”Zombie” horde. The topic of the debate focused on a light-hearted argument over whether Mucinex Nightshift is too powerful. Of course, we had the beloved Mr. Mucus, the brand’s mascot, on-site to really ramp up the crowd and take pictures with consumers. Our debate moderator brought order to the crowd and the speakers on-stage, keeping everyone on track in a lively way. The debate ran 8 times through the day, maximizing exposure and giving passerbys a chance to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the heart of The Oculus.

During the downtime between debates, the highlight of our activation was the prize wheel. It offered consumers a chance to spin and win a giveaway prize. The cold & flu season inspired prizes had attendees excited to walk away with items such as a plush blanket, robe, travel mug, humidifier, etc.

As guests lined up to participate in the prize wheel, they walked by our dropbox that encouraged them to dispose of their ‘zombifying’ Nyquil or other competitive medicines for a second turn at the spin wheel.

The Strategy

Through a light spirited 1-day activation held at one of the highest foot traffic venues in NYC, The Oculus, Mucinex Nightshift was at the forefront of the OTC drug market industry. The event played into the fact that Mucinex Nightshift does not make you feel groggy or “zombie” like when you wake up, differentiating it from its competitors.





Prizes given away