The Challenge

Lyft has always taken a strong stance in the LGBTQ+ community and fighting for gender diversity both with their platform and on a national level. We were challenged to create a one-of-kind pride float to promote Lyft’s initiatives for general equality, preservation of LGBTQ+ history, defending civil liberties, and recognition of gender diversity.

The Execution
With the help from big name influencers such as Sasha Velour, Gia Gunn, Markus Molinari and Alex Newell, we brought a custom Lyft float to the 4 biggest pride parades around the US – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and NY. The float garnered attention from parade go-ers and media with its clean and powerful look among the other pride parade floats. The parade floats were completely decked out with top of the line AV equipment so that the Lyft party travelled along the parade route with the float.
The Strategy

Bringing gender diversity to the forefront of the pride conversation with a geometrical custom float focusing on amplifying the message “Two is Too Few.”




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